Select a nursing topic or skill relevant to nursing practice. Conduct a peer-reviewed literature search. Select research articles from nursing journals, and indicate how the current research you have found supports a change in practice to improve patient care or patient outcomes as it relates to your topic. Write a three page paper explaining how the current research you have identified supports your topic, and relate the research to practice improvements that enhance quality care or patient outcomes. The paper should have introduction on anxiety in preoperative patients.
Intervention 1. Nurse-led preoperative education.Why is it important for patients undergoing cardiac surgery.Summary of the randomized clinical trial from the article I downloaded. what kind of nurses conducted the trial, how many participants, outcomes.I need specific data.
Intervention 2. Music therapy( second article I attached). Why is it important for patients undergoing general surgery.The same thing for this intervention.
Relevance to nursing practice.
I attached grading rubric as well. The references should include minimum 2 nursing journals, peer-reviewed, not older than 5 years. And one nursing textbook. You can use one or two more nursing research article as long as they follow the guideline and any nursing book.