Investigation of Evidence for Nursing
in this assignment, you will identify a nursing problem, investigate available evidence, and either present a plan for practice change or a proposal for further research. You will use the Stetler Model as a guide. This paper has two parts, outlined below. The Stetler Model is explained on pp. 279- 283 of your textbook. You may use material from your discussion posts in this paper, however, you will need to revise them as necessary to meet the objectives of this assignment.

This activity will address the following module outcomes:

MO2: Analyze models to implement and sustain EBP. (SLPO7; CO4)
MO5: Explain the role of the master’s-prepared nurse in translating evidence for practice changes in an inter-professional team. (SLPO2; CO1)

Part I: Analysis of Evidence: Due Week 10

In Part I of the assignment, you will use Phase I, II, and III of the Stetler Model. These steps are described in further detail below. Please use the grading rubric to guide your work.
Phase I: Preparation

Define the nursing problem and present your research question. Make sure you describe the context of the problem, and why you think practice should change. Clearly identify the target population and potential benefits the population may reap from the proposed practice change.

In documnet “post” that contains the research information (Influenza vaccines relating to pneumonia rates) . The research critique forms need to be based off that , research needs to be within the last 5 years , 5 of the articles need to be nursing based the last two can be from other disciplines. Each piece of research needs to be completed in a separate research critique form (so there with be 7 individual forms completed) these are separate from the rest of the work that needs to be done.