discuss how ER physicians can be very abrupt and non-communicative creating communication issues.

Nursing Informatics
Please write at least three paragraphs on this topic using the sources provided and one additional internet source for this topic:

Case Scenario
You are managing an ED department in a busy medical center. Each year, you hire 5-10 new graduates to work in your area and provide a very robust orientation program including specialty training. One of your new graduate hires this year is a very bright BSN graduate with a background in journalism. About ten weeks after she starts, one of your senior nurses brings to your attention that she has started a blog to chronicle her experience as a new graduate in the ER titled Do This Stat: The Making of an ER Nurse. In this blog, she chronicles her learning journey, feelings about her colleagues and specifically discusses how ER physicians can be very abrupt and non-communicative creating communication issues. She has not included any specific patient situations but you are concerned about some of what you expressed in her writing. In order to prepare for you discussion with her – obtain a copy of your organization’s social media policy. If you are not working – pull a social media policy from the internet from another organization to guide your discussion.
Discussion Questions:
What specific guidance does your organization’s social media policy provide related to the case scenario example?
What issues would you want to discuss with this new graduate relative to what she posts in her blog and the slippery slop of social media?
What follow-up actions would you take after your discussion?

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